S4 – Blog 02: The Legacy of Dickson Mounds (Student Post Edition)

Pleased to share this blog post from Cuba High School student contributors Gavin Johnson and Lexi Leonard. This post was part of a unit of research students did about Indigenous Americans in Illinois (See links below). Introduction The Dickson Mounds Museum, located near Lewistown, IL, harbor a collection of Indian burial mounds that were discovered …

S4 – Blog 01: Cahokia Mounds…What Happened? by Audrey Cozart

Please enjoy this blog post contribution from Cuba High School student Audrey Cozart. Audrey's post is in partnership with our previous podcast episode featuring Cahokia Mound's archaeologist, Bill Iseminger (You can listen to that episode by clicking here). If you have any questions or comments let us know on our webpage or our Facebook page. …

S3 – Blog 01: Sociology and Self Care

by WIU Sociology Instructor and Guest Contributor Allyssa (Hall) Anderson The definition of self- care is “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health” (Oxford languages).  We’ve probably all heard this term enough over 2020.  As an Instructor of Sociology, my Sociological Imagination influences everything I see, read, and hear.  It …

S1 – Blog 05: Resources to use for Conversations on Race and Rural America

Enjoyed sharing our previous conversation on race and rural America with Dr. Alphonso Simpson from WIU.  You can listen here by visiting this link or through our "Forgottonia Project" podcast.  Wanted to take a moment to share a few resources Dr. Simpson recommended during on discussion.  These are various books, articles, and media he finds very helpful in facilitating healthy conversations about race and also uses in them in various courses he teaches. We recommend you get your hands on the following:

S1 – Blog 04: The Gender Gap: What are the Greatest Concerns for Young Women Growing Up in Rural America?

We are pleased to share this interview with Dr. Lori Baker-Sperry from Western Illinois University Department of Women Studies.  We asked Dr. Baker-Sperry several questions concerning the topic of gender, especially in regards to rural America.  This interview prompted us to interview key community leaders to also share their experience with things like gender stereotypes and advice to women growing up in rural America today.  Dr. Baker-Sperry provided us with several links to her responses as well that you will find helpful.  We hope you enjoy and please contact us with any questions you might have. 

S1 – Blog 03: Notable Rural Americans – What Lessons Can We Learn from the Passing of John Mahoney?

Many Americans recognize beloved actor John Mahoney from his days as Frasier's dad, Martin Crane on the hit NBC sitcom.  However, most natives of Forgottonia may not realize that Mahoney actually lived in McDonough County for a time as a young man.  Although he was actually born in England and associated most with living in Chicago, he came to Macomb, IL to live with his sister where he studied at Quincy University and joined the army to help him become a citizen faster.