Welcome to the Forgottonia Project!

Welcome to Forgottonia, a project that seeks to honor the rich history of rural America and examine the social problems we currently face. This project is produced by students and led by History teacher, Joe Brewer, at Cuba H.S. located in Fulton County, 1 of 16 rural counties in the western part of the state. Our title, Forgottonia, refers to a tongue-in-cheek movement in the 1970s

Our mission is to examine the social problems that impact rural America and to find some common ground between city dwellers and ourselves.

“There’s this sense that people are not getting their fair share compared to people in the cities. They feel like their communities are dying and they perceive that all the stuff–the young people, the money, the livelihood is going somewhere and it’s going to the cities.ยจ

-University of Wisconsin political scientist Katherine Cramer on what she perceives is happening in rural America.