Oral History of Forgottonia – Getting to Know Forgottonia’s Governor: Cadie & Courtney Churchill Interview with John Marshall

"They needed a spokesperson. Neal was ideal because he was a great speaker, he was highly intelligent...and he was kind of a ham actually. He loved to talk in front of people." -John Marshall (friend of Neal Gam, Forgottonia's Governor) ON THIS EPISODE As part of our Oral History in Forgottonia series, Cuba High School …

S4, E5 – Forgottonia and the 2020 Census: What the Numbers Reveal about Population, Education, Poverty, Race, and more

On this episode of the Forgottonia Project, we summarize what the 2020 census reveals about Forgottonia. This episode serves as the podcast edition of our previous post analyzing census data: Forgottonia Profile: The 2020 Census. CHS students helped create a mega document that summarizes important demographic, social, and economic patterns that persist throughout Forgottonia (check …

S3, E5 – The Music of Forgottonia: How Local Musician Chris Vallillo Captures the Sounds of the Rural Midwest

We are pleased to share our latest podcast interview with local musician, Chris Vallillo.  Chris is a singer/songwriter & folk musician who makes the people & places of “unmetropolitan” America come to life in song.  Chris is also a fantastic local historian as many of his songs reflect the unique rural Midwestern culture that we've …

S2, E3 – Forgottonia Brewing: What Does it Take to Run a Successful Business in Rural America?

On this episode were fortunate to speak with some local entrepreneurs who not only started a new business in Macomb, IL, but they are kindred spirits because they named it “Forgottonia!”  Sean West and his partners Scott and Susan Park of Forgottonia Brewing in Macomb, share their story on starting a business and how they are incorporating Forgottonia history.   The essential question we asked is “What Does it Take to Run a Successful Business in Forgottonia?”  We hope you enjoy this conversation and if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you by visiting our webpage Forgottonia project.com.

S1 – Blog 03: Notable Rural Americans – What Lessons Can We Learn from the Passing of John Mahoney?

Many Americans recognize beloved actor John Mahoney from his days as Frasier's dad, Martin Crane on the hit NBC sitcom.  However, most natives of Forgottonia may not realize that Mahoney actually lived in McDonough County for a time as a young man.  Although he was actually born in England and associated most with living in Chicago, he came to Macomb, IL to live with his sister where he studied at Quincy University and joined the army to help him become a citizen faster.