Forgottonia History Club: Meeting #2 & #3

The purpose of this post is to provide a space for announcements, guidelines, and other information pertaining to the Forgottonia History Club hosted by Cuba High School. This post will reference our next two meetings on Wednesday 9/7/22 and Wednesday 9/14/22.


  • Examine old Cuba Yearbooks
    • Choose one Yearbook from Cuba High School’s past. Make a Post of 3 interesting things you find, 3 CLOSED-ENDED questions you have, and 3 OPEN-ENDED Questions you have
  • Discuss the types of local landmarks, traditions, and customs in Cuba, Fulton County, and/or Forgottonia that could be a potential topic for your project (Goal is to have a topic selected by the end of week 4
  • Work on your MASTER of QUESTIONS BADGE
    • Determine your Q-Source (Your topic)
    • Complete the 5-step QFT process (Make a copy & complete THIS FORM)
    • Prioritize 3-5 Open-Ended questions that will guide your project
    • Narrow your topic (If need be)
  • Purpose: 5 guiding questions
    • #1 – IDENTITY: What does “rural America” mean? What makes these places unique? How do we identify with them?
    • #2 – LAND: How has our attraction to & interaction with the land formed the basis of rural America/
    • #3 – COMMUNITY: How have rural communities & small towns evolved & changed?
    • #4 – MANAGING CHANGE: Changes transformed rural America (including global influences), especially during the 1900s
    • #5 – PERSISTENCE: What are some of these changes, & what have they meant for rural life? People are holding on in their rural communities? Why & how?


  • Opportunities for September: Monday, September 12th, 7 pm – Dr. Hallwas will be speaking at the McDonough County Historical Society (Spoon River College Outreach Center in Macomb, IL; Directions linked)
  • 8th Annual Echoes of the Past” Cemetery Walk, Sunday, September 25
    • An outdoor history theater in which former residents of Canton are portrayed by local actors. Their stories are told in three presentations. The first at 3:30 p.m. takes place on stage in front of the Mausoleum, while the second and third, at 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., are at Individual sites that participants walk among in historic Greenwood Cemetery, Canton, IL. There is no charge to attend but donations are welcomed

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