S1 – Blog 06: Salvation Army Field Trip Experience

On Friday April 6, 2018 students from Cuba High School had the opportunity to visit Lt. Sarah Eddy at the Salvation Army.   This experience was part of our unit on poverty in Fulton County.  Students participated in the following activities

  • A tour of the facility and overview of the history and mission of the Salvation Army
  • A budget simulation: living on low-income wages facing various obstacles in life
  • Various service projects that included working in the food pantry and preparing food assistance sacks

We were also fortunate to meet with  social worker Rhonda Morgan–who spoke with us about their Pathway of Hope program–and Missy Kolowski of the Health and Wellness Center who spoke with us about how they assist those in need; as well as their new healthy food assistance program called “Champ.”

Special thanks to Sarah, Rhonda, and Missy (and our bus driver, Don!) for providing this experience to us!


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