S3, E6 – Saving Lives in Forgottonia: How One Rural Community is Creatively Funding and Staffing its First Responder Program

In this episode, Cuba High School’s Ashley Howerter shares her conversation with Bob Schnarr, the chief director of the Cass-Putnam rescue squad. While many first responder teams across Forgottonia struggle to fund and staff programs, the majority of the Cass-Putnam rescue squad is made up of high school students. This is the first program of its kind in the state!

Ashley and Mr. Schnarr also discuss why rescue squads are essential to rural communities like Cuba, Illinois, and others in Forgottonia. Many folks are surprised to learn that these important programs rely almost entirely on self-funding and volunteers. Mr. Schnarr shares his 40+ years of experience as a first responder and how facing these challenges inspired him to create the youth rescue squad program.

We are pleased to share this conversation and grateful to citizens like Bob Schnarr who go above and beyond to make our community a great place to live. If you have any questions for Ashley or Bob, reach out to us on our webpage or through social media. You can also contact Bob at his Cass-Putnam office number: 309-785-5550


ABC News Segment – Teens saving lives as part of states only cadet program

WIU Honors Students for Volunteerism

Cass-Putnam Rescue Squad Facebook Page

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