S4, E1 – The Mystery of Cahokia Mounds with Archaeologist Bill Iseminger

Have you ever wondered who lived a long time ago in the very place you’re living right now? Did you know there are incredible ancient cities that existed right here in IL? And that people have been trying to find out for years what happened to these cities.

On this episode of the Forgottonia Project, we are pleased to share our interview with Cahokia Mound’s archaeologist and author, Bill Iseminger, who will help us tackle these questions and more.  Bill is the author of the book Cahokia Mounds: America’s First City and has been an archaeologist at the site for 49 years before recently retiring. He was recently honored with his own “Bill Iseminger” day at the Cahokia Mounds museum in Collinsville, IL.  

Bill was nice enough to speak with our class at Cuba High School and share his wealth of knowledge about Cahokia Mounds and Mississippian Culture

Thanks to Cuba High School Students: Alex Moore, Andrew Christian, Jack Cozart, Audrey Cozart, Nic Houston, Garret Fawcett for conducting this interview.

Bill Iseminger visits our class via Zoom


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