History of all 16 Counties: #4 Cass County


Map of Illinois highlighting Cass County


INTERESTING FACTS: Named for former Secretary of State and general Lewis Cass. Home of the Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area.


  1. Beardstown – Population 6,123. Home to a large pork slaughterhouse that has attracted a large immigrant population. Home to the famous Almanac Trial defense where Abe Lincoln successfully defended Duff Armstrong. Also only courtroom where Lincoln practiced that is still active today. Lincoln also delivered his famous ¨House divided¨ speech here in 1858. Known as the ¨Watermelon Capitol of the World.¨  Home to Walter Flanigan, a co-founder of the NFL.

*List of Historic Places in Cass County

*Further information about Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area

*Beardstown History: Chamber of Commerce website

*Cass County Website

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