Dime Novel Desperados – Chapter 2: The Maxwells in Troubled Fulton County

ON THIS EPISODE We continue our examination of the book “Dime Novel Desperados: The Notorious Maxwell Brothers” by Dr. John Hallwas. This episode provides an overview of Chapter 2 – “The Maxwells in Troubled Fulton County.” Shout out to CHS student Andrew Christian for helping with this episode. The MINI-POD for this episode (which is …

Dime Novel Desperados – A Local History Podcast Book Review

The Forgottonia Project is pleased to announce our local history podcast book review series. Our first book study will feature an analysis of Dr. John Hallwas’s 2011 book “Dime Novel Desperados: The Notorious Maxwell Brothers.” Dr. Hallwas visited our class at Cuba High School to discuss his book Dime Novel Desperados ABOUT THE BOOK Dime …

S3, E4 – Sociology and Self-Care with WIU Sociology Instructor Alyssa Hall Anderson

One this episode of the Forgottonia Project we are pleased to share a very informative conversation we had recently with Western Illinois University Sociology Instructor, Alyssa Hall Anderson. In this interview, Alyssa discusses her latest blog post for the Forgottonia Project entitled "Sociology and Self-Care." She provides insights regarding sociological thinking as a form of self-care and shares her experience and interests with the subject of sociology.

S2, E4 – What are the Challenges to Running a Business in Rural America, with Chris Merrett, IL Institute for Rural Affairs

We are beyond pleased to share this interview with our friend Chris Merrett from the IL Institute for Rural Affairs.  Chris is the Director of the Institute, which is located on the campus of Western IL University in Macomb, IL.  The institute oversees research, outreach, teaching, and policy development that is comprised of 20 community development faculty and professionals.  He serves on the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council and is the Chairperson of Rural Partners, which has raised over $6 million in external grant funding to support community and economic development outreach and research.  Chris has researched and edited books on the topics of cooperatives and community development, and has published a range of articles on topics such as value-added agriculture, rural land use, social justice, and rural community and economic development. 

S2, E3 – Forgottonia Brewing: What Does it Take to Run a Successful Business in Rural America?

On this episode were fortunate to speak with some local entrepreneurs who not only started a new business in Macomb, IL, but they are kindred spirits because they named it “Forgottonia!”  Sean West and his partners Scott and Susan Park of Forgottonia Brewing in Macomb, share their story on starting a business and how they are incorporating Forgottonia history.   The essential question we asked is “What Does it Take to Run a Successful Business in Forgottonia?”  We hope you enjoy this conversation and if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you by visiting our webpage Forgottonia project.com.

S1 – Blog 05: Resources to use for Conversations on Race and Rural America

Enjoyed sharing our previous conversation on race and rural America with Dr. Alphonso Simpson from WIU.  You can listen here by visiting this link or through our "Forgottonia Project" podcast.  Wanted to take a moment to share a few resources Dr. Simpson recommended during on discussion.  These are various books, articles, and media he finds very helpful in facilitating healthy conversations about race and also uses in them in various courses he teaches. We recommend you get your hands on the following:

S1, E9 – Conversations on Race and Rural America: How Do We Talk About Race in Rural America? With Dr. Alphonso Simpson

 We're excited to share this outstanding conversation about race and rural America with Dr. Alphonso Simpson.  Dr. Simpson is a professor of African American Studies at Western Illinois University and also serves as chair of the department of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  He’s been teaching at WIU since 2000 and is the author of 3 …

S1 – Blog 04: The Gender Gap: What are the Greatest Concerns for Young Women Growing Up in Rural America?

We are pleased to share this interview with Dr. Lori Baker-Sperry from Western Illinois University Department of Women Studies.  We asked Dr. Baker-Sperry several questions concerning the topic of gender, especially in regards to rural America.  This interview prompted us to interview key community leaders to also share their experience with things like gender stereotypes and advice to women growing up in rural America today.  Dr. Baker-Sperry provided us with several links to her responses as well that you will find helpful.  We hope you enjoy and please contact us with any questions you might have. 

History of all 16 counties: #10 McDonough County

McDONOUGH COUNTY POPULATION: 32,612 INTERESTING FACTS: Originally named after War 1812 hero Thomas Mcdonough. Land was originally set aside for veterans of the war of 1812.  The county is actually a perfect square with the courthouse in its center. MAJOR CITIES: Macomb: Population - 21,516. Named for General Alexander Macomb from the war of 1812. …