Forgottonia Native and Frasier Star John Mahoney dies at 77

Many Americans recognize beloved actor John Mahoney from his days as Frasier’s dad, Martin Crane on the hit NBC sitcom.  However, most natives of Forgottonia may not realize that Mahoney actually lived in McDonough County for a time as a young man.  Although he was actually born in England and associated most with living in Chicago, he came to Macomb, IL to live with his sister where he studied at Quincy University and joined the army to help him become a citizen faster.

According to his bio on Wikipedia, Mahoney taught English for a time during the 1970s at Western Illinois University before settling in the Chicago area. So as many remember Mahoney during his most famous days, Forgottonians remember him during an earlier time.

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History of all 16 counties: #10 McDonough County


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