Is American Society “Coming Apart”

How do we follow our dreams and be all that we can be without adequately fulfilling our civic responsibilities to the community as a whole?

“The unique spiritual mission of America” demanded a positive, welcoming approach to immigrants.”

Mary Antin, The Promised Land


This episode explores whether or not American society is “coming apart,” and we do this by looking at some books within books (Charles Murray’s 2012 study “Are We Coming Apart” and Mary Antin’s 1912 autobiography “The Promised Land“). You’ve likely had the feeling that society is “coming apart,” but what exactly does that mean? How can we define it, measure it, and more importantly–how can we address it? Shout out again goes to Cuba H.S. student Andrew Christian for helping host this episode.


  • What does it mean to say we are coming apart?
  • What factors contribute to this coming apart?
  • What can we do to address it?


“By remembering the past of our communities and identifying with its people, we contribute to its emerging future — we can avoid alienation, deepen our true identity, & rescue ourselves from the meaninglessness that plagues so many contemporary Americans.”

John Hallwas, On Community: A Crucial Issue, a Small Town, and a Writer’s Experience

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