S4, E3 – Hypercapitalism: What is it and Why Rural Americans Should be Concerned, With author and psychologist Tim Kasser

On this edition of the Forgottonia Podcast, our students at Cuba H.S. completed a book study of the graphic novel “Hypercapitalism” and then had the privilege of interviewing the author of this book Tim Kasser.

Our students ask Tim…

  • What hypercapitalism is & why he wanted to write a graphic novel about it
  • How spending on advertisements is out of control and how this impacts people; especially youth
  • Are folks in rural America any better protected from the effects of corporations, advertising 
  • What is the role of the government in combatting these harmful effects?
  • And most importantly – what can we do about all of this? 
CHS student Cadie Churchill interviews Tim Kasser about his graphic novel “Hypercapitalism”

We previously spoke to Tim back in 2017 and you can find links to those conversations below. Tim recently retired in 2019 from Knox College where he has researched materialism & well-being for over 20 years. When we last spoke, Tim was a citizen of Forgottonia, residing in Knox County with his wife, two sons, & assorted animals; but in his post-retired life, he has since relocated back to the southern tier region of New York state. In 2002 he wrote the book “The High Price of Materialism” which explores the undesirable effects that living in a consumerist culture has. He was featured in documentary films like 2015 “The True Cost” and 2011 “Happy” and we highly recommend you check these out. 

Tim Kasser

But most recently in 2018, Tim collaborated with cartoonist Larry Gonick on the graphic novel “Hypercapitalism: The modern economy, its values, & how to change them.” The book provides a deep exploration of the global economy and how hypercapitalism threatens human well-being, social justice, & the planet. But, more importantly, this book points the way to a healthier future and also provides a few laughs along the way.

Tim as depicted in the book Hypercapitalism

Special thanks to Cuba H.S. students Andrew Christian, Lexie Mance, Cadie Churchill, Nevaeh Omohundro, & Hunter Williams for facilitating this interview (these students even gave up their early release period!). Without further ado, please enjoy this conversation with Dr. Kasser.


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