History of all 16 Counties: #1 Adams County


Map of Illinois highlighting Adams County


INTERESTING FACTS: Westernmost county in state. Most populated county in Forgottonia. Named for 6th president John Quincy Adams. Includes part of the Great River National Wildlife Refuge.


  1. Quincy – population 40,366. Also named for 6th president John Quincy Adams. Was once the 2nd largest city in IL in 1870. Confederate General George Pickett lived here as a young man. Hosted the 6th Senatorial debate between Lincoln and Douglas. 2010 Forbes magazine listed Quincy as 8th best small city to raise a family. Home to Quincy University (Private Catholic liberal arts college)

*Link to National Register of Historic Places in Adams County

*Link to Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County

*Further information on the history of Adams County

*Great River National Wildlife Refuge

*History of Camp Point, IL

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