S1, E1 – A History of Forgottonia: What was the Forgottonia Movement About?

Screenshot (3)

The following is an excerpt from our initial episode about Neil Gamm and the history of Forgottonia. Our guest was Mr. Larry Eskridge from the Canton Daily Ledger. Our essential questions asks “What was the Forgottonia movement about and how is it similar and different today?” ENJOY!

Our school in Cuba, IL is part of Fulton County, 1 of 16 counties in Western, IL that many still refer to as Forgottonia. But just how many people know the story of how we came to be called Forgottonia? Where does this name come from? We were shocked by the number of people in our own community who have never heard this incredible story. But Forgottonia, as we’ll demonstrate, was more than a story, it was a movement. But would a new movement resonate today? And if so, how does it compare  to the original? We asked these questions and more as we sat down with local historian and the Canton Daily Ledger´s own Larry Eskridge.

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