Forgottonia Profile: Demographics

To gain a better idea of what the 16 county region known as Forgottonia actually looks like, we compiled some data from the 2010 census. What follows is an overview of each county’s demographics. Click here for a profile of each county’s presidential election results, and a brief overview about the history of each county.

The top 3 most populated counties in Forgottonia are Adams County (67,000), Knox County (52,919) and Fulton County (37,069). The least populated counties are Brown County (6,900), Scott County (5,355) and Calhoun County (5,000).  13 of 16 counties have a 90% or more white majority with the exception of Brown County (76.1%), Cass County (86.3%) and Knox County (87.5%). See our chart below for further detail regarding the demographics of each county in Forgottonia.

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