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Media and Children’s Well-Being

On Wednesday May 2, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Tim Kasser to Cuba, IL to share his presentation titled “Media and Children’s Well-Being”  (The first 30 minutes are Tim’s talk while the last 20 minutes Tim answers some questions from the audience). This presentation was part of our Screen Free Week Activities that took place in our community (April 30 – May 4).

After receiving his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Rochester, Tim Kasser accepted a position at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, where he is currently Professor & Chair of Psychology.  He has written over 100 scientific articles and book chapters on materialism, values, goals, ecological sustainability, and quality of life, among other topics. He is also the author of five books, including The High Price of Materialism (MIT Press, 2002) and the cartoon book HyperCapitalism (The New Pres, 2018).  Tim spends a good deal of his time working with activist groups that protect children from commercialization, that promote ecological sustainability, and that encourage a more “inwardly rich” lifestyle than what is offered by consumerism. Tim lives with his wife, two sons, and assorted animals a few miles south of Knoxville, Illinois. And his work has been a big inspiration for why we wanted to participate in Screen Free Week activities this week.

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Parent Panel on Technology

On Thursday May 3, 2018 we enjoyed facilitating a conversation with parents about their experience with screens and kids. This event was part of our week-long Screen Free Week experiences at Cuba High School. Our parent panel consisted of Jackie Scharping, Samantha Gilham, Tiffany Clark, and Amy Willett.

The panel was moderated by high school senior, Ms. Alexis Clark and high school history teacher, Mr. Joe Brewer.

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YWCA Hosts ¨Stand Against Racism¨

On Sunday April 30 from 2-2:30 PM the Canton area YWCA led by Executive Director Brooke Denniston held a ¨Stand Against Racism¨ rally at Jones Park in Canton, IL.  Please visit the links below for more information (Photo taken from YWCA logo)

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Conversations on Race and Rural America with Dr. Alphonso Simpson: Part 2 – Putting a Band Aid on a Hole in a Dam

Listen in to part 2 of our conversation about race and rural America with Dr. Alphonso Simpson.  In case you didn’t hear part 1, you can check it out by clicking the link here.  You can also listen to our class podcast by searching “Forgottonia Project” on iTunes or wherever you find podcasts.  Also don’t forget to check out some outstanding resources that Dr. Simpson shared with us which he uses in his classes at WIU.  You can check them out by clicking the link here .

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Salvation Army Field Trip Experience

On Friday April 6, 2018 students from Cuba High School had the opportunity to visit Lt. Sarah Eddy at the Salvation Army.   This experience was part of our unit on poverty in Fulton County.  Students participated in the following activities

  • A tour of the facility and overview of the history and mission of the Salvation Army
  • A budget simulation: living on low-income wages facing various obstacles in life
  • Various service projects that included working in the food pantry and preparing food assistance sacks

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Resources to use for Conversations on Race and Rural America

Enjoyed sharing our previous conversation on race and rural America with Dr. Alphonso Simpson from WIU.  You can listen here by visiting this link or through our “Forgottonia Project” podcast.  Wanted to take a moment to share a few resources Dr. Simpson recommended during on discussion.  These are various books, articles, and media he finds very helpful in facilitating healthy conversations about race and also uses in them in various courses he teaches. We recommend you get your hands on the following:

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